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  1. Why do I need to apply? 


We want to make sure we are a good fit for your family! We also only have 56 openings, 8 for each grade. 

   2. Why aren't we in school 5 days a week, 7+ hours a day? 


We are following a blended learning/University style model at The Sands Academy. Students will attend class for explicit instruction and cooperative learning, followed by home learning (more info below). 

   3. What will students do at home?

Students may be required to practice skills they learned during their face-to-face instruction. We don't expect students to spend hours doing homework, but instead spending minimally effective time practicing the skills we are building in class. This may be done through an online portal, completing a project, playing a game, or simply doing a worksheet. The home assignments will vary. 

   4. Can you just sign up for specific days/subjects instead of M-F? 


We ensure best educational practice and to decrease distractions during our very short school day, we will not offer an academic a la carte menu, however, we do have elective options. We would like to remind parents that education does not stop at our dismissal time - you are encouraged to participate in electives, home projects, and more. Our goal is to have well rounded students. 


    5. Is The Sands Academy a homeschool supplement?


We are not a supplemental program - we are a hybrid school. We are registered as The Sands Academy with school code 1857 under the Florida Department of Education. We do allow homeschoolers to enroll as homeschoolers and not private school students. If you are enrolled as a homeschooler, you are responsible for your annual evaluation. 


    6. Will you offer full days? 


In the future, when we have our perfect campus that can accommodate a traditional school day. But don’t worry, we plan to always offer an alternative option for kiddos who do not thrive in a traditional classroom setting. 


    7. Do kids have to take standardized tests? 


By law, students participating in certain scholarship programs are required to take a standardized test. 


We plan on using classroom data and various assessments to gauge students' progress and mastery and would like to avoid relying on standardized testing. We also HATE “teaching to the test.”


    8. What is required for registration and where do the fees go? 

One-time $250 registration fee 

One-time $50 supply fee

Fees will be collected to pay for student curriculum (SAVVAS), student technology (laptop or iPad), and classroom supplies. 

    9. What is the school code? 




     10. Is The Sands Academy a special needs school? 


No. We are a neurodiverse affirming school that focuses on global accommodations to promote inclusive learning. Our student body is made of neurodivergent and neurotypical students. We are not equipped (at the moment) to handle aggressive students or students who are severely disabled. We do not have a nurse on staff and we cannot administer medication. 


Though we are trying hard to obtain the resources needed to accommodate all students, we sadly do not meet those requirements for our first year. 


We are however, practicing social-emotional learning, we allow our students to [safely] stim, we provide flexible seating arrangements, and emphasize hands-on learning. Our time spent in class is also significantly less with our university model. 


     11. Where are you located? 

331 W. New York Ave, DeLand, FL, 32724

    12. Are you participating in scholarship programs? 


Yes, we currently accept FES-UA. We are not currently accepting students who are on the new EMA system until SEF-UA allows providers to be paid through the new system. 

    13. Can I come to tour the campus?

Absolutely! By appointment only! Please email or call 386-327-7050

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