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Minecraft Education with The Sands Academy! 

Let’s get creative and tap into our creative thinking skills with Minecraft Education and The Sands Academy! In our small teacher-led classroom, students will work together in small groups to accomplish a build challenge together.


Students may be asked to build:

  • A campsite

  • A fictional creature

  • A rollercoaster

  • A pollinator garden and more!


Older students may be asked to solve a problem, like building a machine to collect pollution in our oceans, growing mangroves to offset carbon emissions, or even creating an accessible amusement park. The possibilities are endless!


Whatever we’re building, you can bet on hearing lots of giggles as your student becomes engaged in socializing with their peers in a safe, teacher-led environment.


Students will be given the opportunity to work on:

  • Digital Citizenship

  • Team building skills

  • Communication skills

  • Taking turns

  • Asking for help & helping others

  • Writing skills and reading skills (not a prerequisite)


Time: 45-60 minutes


Small Class Sizes (4-8 students)


Must have Zoom.

Must have Minecraft Education (free to download).


$25/per class


FES-UA student accounts will be charged after the session, regardless of attendance. No shows and last minute cancellations will still be charged.


*Students will be given login information for our secure servers in class. There will be 10 minutes allotted in class time to ensure everyone is logged-in properly. Students must use our secure server with Minecraft Education

Some helpful tips for a positive experience:


  • Please make sure your computer is updated.

  • You have the most recent version of Minecraft Education.

  • You are playing in a quiet environment with little distractions.

  • We recommend using noise canceling headphones with a microphone for the best experience.


Classroom rules:


  • Treat others the way you wish to be treated.

  • No destroying friends’ builds and creations.

  • No spamming with spawning creatures.

  • No profanity to obscene visuals


Virtual Classroom Etiquette:


  • Please play in a quiet environment with minimal background noise. Students are encouraged to play with noise canceling headphones with a microphone.

  • Please arrive 5 minutes before scheduled time.

  • Please keep your camera on during class so other students may have a positive experience socializing.


We will kick out any students who are disruptive in a violent or obscene manner.

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