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2023-2024 School Schedule


1:1 Tutoring - Please email to register. 

Social Skills Class - $25 registration fee / $65 week (9-week semester*)
*We ask families to commit for the semester in order to create a real connection and community amongst students.*

One-time Registration Fee $200.00 (due upon acceptance)
One-time Supply Fee $50.00 (due upon acceptance)

$150/week (~$25/hour)

Payment Options:

*Prices are for three 9-week semesters due to late opening date.

-One-time payment: $4,050.00 (full year). 

-2 payments of $2,025.00

-Semester Payments $1,350.00 (3 total payment to be made).

-Monthly Payments $600.00* (6.75 total payments)

-Weekly Payments $150.00* (27 payments)


*Weekly and monthly payments must be registered for automatic recurring payments. Additional processing fees may apply. 

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