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Welcome to The Sands Academy Summer Camp!

Unlock Your Child’s Potential Through Enriching Activities

     The Sands Academy is offering an engaging summer camp experience designed to inspire and educate young minds. Our program focuses on providing a supportive environment where children can explore new interests, build friendships, and grow as individuals.

Why Choose The Sands Academy?


  • Dedicated team of instructors passionate about fostering creativity and personal development.

  • Varied selection of activities including arts and crafts, STEM workshops, team-building exercises, and more.

  • Emphasis on building confidence, resilience, and critical thinking skills.

  • Safe and inclusive atmosphere where every child is encouraged to thrive.


Program Highlights:


  • Exciting arts and crafts sessions to spark imagination and self-expression.

  • Hands-on STEM workshops to ignite curiosity and exploration.

  • Fun team-building activities promoting cooperation and communication skills.

  • Engaging games and challenges to keep children active and entertained.


Weekly themes: (Weekly Descriptions)

1. Ocean Exploration 

2. Legos & Minecraft 

3. Mythical Creatures

4. Sow, Grow, Create (Agriculture Week)

5. Summer around the World 

6. Brush strokes & beyond 

7. Coding & robotics 

8. Cosmic Exploration


Dates & Pricing:


  • 8- week program

  • $75 Registration Fee

  • Flexible scheduling options to accommodate busy families.

  • June 10th - August 2nd 

            Monday - Friday 9-1pm ($150/week)

            Extended Day 9-4pm ($250/week)

                    *Extended Day is only available if student is registered for     

                     morning program. 



  • Group 1: Ages 6-8

  • Group 2: Ages 9-11

  • Group 3: Ages 12-14 


Safety & Supervision:

  • Trained staff members certified in first aid and child safety protocols.

  • Supervised activities to ensure the well-being of all campers.

  • Secure facilities with a focus on maintaining a safe and welcoming environment.


Register Today:

Secure your child’s spot for a summer of learning and fun at The Sands Academy Summer Camp. Register now to reserve your place!

Contact Us:

Have questions or need assistance? Our team is here to help! Reach out to us for more information. 386-327-7050 


Connect With Us:

Stay updated on camp news, events, and more by following The Sands Academy on social media.


Join Us for a Summer of Enrichment and Discovery at The Sands Academy Summer Camp!

Register Now

We will reach out to you to finalize your registration and collect fees. Thank you for supporting The Sands Academy.

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